Old Pioneer Garden Country Inn

在他以内华达为中心的巨著中 粗,, 马克吐温 reminisces about his short-lived gold mining stint in Unionville, where he became “allergic to shovels,” lived in a cow-plagued cabin, and learned the hard way that “all that glitters is not gold.“小屋还在那儿, as are several other of this ghost town’s original buildings, which now make up the Old Pioneer Garden Country Inn. 家庭-owned since the 1970s, the charm-packed hideaway gets you out of cell phone range and into a masterfully restored 1860s-era 首页 with a clawfoot tub, creekside天井, and a farm-fresh breakfast the next morning.

Searching for the ultimate off-the-grid getaway? You’ve found it with the Old Pioneer Garden Country Inn in Unionville, just a half mile away from 马克吐温’s former mining residence. Serving up farm-fresh breakfast and all-to-yourself views, the Old Pioneer Garden is and operated by a mother-son duo and, 一步踏上去 不常见的一夜, you’ll feel as if you’ve traveled back to a simpler time.

Most buildings throughout Unionville were first constructed in 1861 after silver was discovered, and created the boomtown of Unionville. Long after the town had been mined of its riches and abandoned, the Jones family moved in and got to work preserving history and converting many original Unionville structures into bed-and-breakfast-style accommodations. By the time the Jones family moved to Unionville, most structures were already 100 years old, and through careful historic preservation, several 首页s were converted into vacation rentals, including the historic 首页 of the family who ran the community garden for Unionville prospectors all those years ago. Today, the Old Pioneer Garden can host up to 30 guests across a handful of historic 首页s. 

While there are less than two dozen people that call Unionville 首页, many passerby are drawn to the ghost town to get a look at a sliver of prospecting history at its finest: 马克吐温’s cabin. Like many other prospectors of the area, Samuel Clemens was drawn to the silver-rich canyon walls, lived here for a short period and moved on to bigger and better boomtowns. The cabin still stands today, just a half mile up the road from the Old Pioneer Garden B&B客牧场.


Old Pioneer Garden Unionville is open and welcomes guests year round. For the most current info on rates and booking, 点击这里, or dial the property directly at (775) 538-7585.